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About Us

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) form a diverse group of healthcare professionals providing a wide range of specialised health services for our patients and residents. We are the third largest job family in National Healthcare Group (NHG), with many unique professions and over 2,000 AHPs.

Our Leaders

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The NHG Allied Health Council (NAC) is formed by Allied Health directors and leaders across the public healthcare institutions in NHG. NAC represents the collective leadership of NHG Allied Health. Its aim is to drive the transformation of Allied Health across the cluster, to meet the current and future needs of Singapore's public healthcare system.​

Our Professions

AHPs are a diverse group of healthcare pratitioners with a breadth of specialised skills and knowledge that can be applied to diagnose, prevent and manage various health conditions of our patients and residents. 

Click on each profession to find out more about their work in NHG.

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Medical Social Worker
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Medical Laboratory Technologist / Scientist
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Prosthetist and Orthotist2.jpg
Prosthetist & Orthotist
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Respiratory Therapist
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