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​​​NHG College faculty members play an important and integral part of the NHG community in developing our workforce to transform and improve the care for our patients and population.Faculty members also help create conducive learning environment and context for our staff to learn and build knowledge

Our Faculty
Abigail Lum Senior Occupational Th​erapist, TTSH
Angelia Chua Family Physician-Consultant, NHGP
Brenda Lim Head, Nursing, NSC
Chee Pick Fong Assistant Director of Nursing, TTSH​
Chew Mei Kwee Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Chew Pei Kiang Senior Nurse Educator, KTPH
Chong Hou Meng Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Christie Anna  Nurse Educator II, NHGP
Chuang Shen Hui Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Clare Yeo Senior Principal Psychologist (Clinical), IMH
Claudine Oh Su Fen Principal Pharmacist, KTPH
Darren Seah Family Physician-Consultant, NHGP
Dong Lijuan Assistant Director of Nursing, NHGP
Esther Bek Siew Joo Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), NHGPh
Eugene Teoh Yen Tjuin Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Eunice Chua  Associate Consultant, TTSH
Faith Chia Senior Consultant, TTSH
Fong Ei Leen Senior Speech Therapist, TTSH
Goo Lay Kian Senior Nurse Educator, TTSH
Habeebul Rahman Senior Consultant, TTSH
Heidi Tan Siew Hoon Senior Principal Occupational Therapist, TTSH
Hnin Nwe Oo Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Jamie Lim Assistant Director of Nursing, TTSH
Janine Kee Consultant, TTSH
Joanna Lee Beck Hiang Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Koh Keng Yong Deputy Director, TTSH
Kong Kim Yoke Nursing Officer I, NSC
Kumaraselvi Florence A Servai ​Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Kylie Tang Senior Nurse Educator, TTSH
Lai Sek Moi Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Lavinia Lim Manager, NHGHQ
Law Hwa Lin Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Lawrence Lim Eng Huat Principal Medical Social Worker, TTSH
Lee Hwei Khien Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Lee Jye Chyi Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Lim Hong Yee Senior Principal Pharmacist, TTSH
Lim Jun Pei Associate Consultant, TTSH
Lim Pang Hung Senior Principal Physiotherapist, TTSH
Lim Siew Geok Principal Nurse Educator, TTSH
Lim Wan Peng Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Lim Wee Shiong Senior Consultant, TTSH
Loy Fong Ling Principal Physiotherapist, TTSH
Mary Leong Jan Mui Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Melissa Phua Principal Podiatrist, TTSH
Melissa Yong Manager, NHGHQ
Michelle Jong Senior Consultant, TTSH
Michelle Teo Assistant Director, NHGHQ
​Nicholas Chew ​Senior Consultant, TTSH
Ng Boon Tat Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), IMH
Ong Soo Im Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), NHGPh
Phua Dong Haur Senior Consultant, TTSH
Richard Lee Meng Kam Family Physician-Consultant, NHGP
Seek Win Nie Manager, NHGHQ
Selvia Kosim Manager, NHGHQ
Serene Goh Deputy Director, NHGHQ
Suhana Bte Salim Principal Physiotherapist, TTSH
Tan Keng Teng Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Tan Yew Hiang Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Tay Yi Chin Principal Occupational Therapist, TTSH
Teresa Ng Senior Dietitian, TTSH
Tham Kum Ying Senior Consultant, TTSH
Theresa Choo Chor Hui Principal Pharmacist (Clinical), TTSH
Tjan Soon Yin Senior Consultant, TTSH
Umadevi D/O Panner Selvam Nurse Educator I, TTSH
Wang Jia Nurse Educator I, IMH
Wang Wenjing Nurse Educator, WHC
​Winnie Teo Manager, NHGHQ
​Wong Teck Yee ​Family Physician-Senior Consultant, TTSH
Yew Yik Weng Consultant, NSC
​Yvonne Ng ​Executive Director, NHG College
Zenne Tng Principal Speech Therapist, TTSH
Zhao Wan Zhen Nurse Educator II, TTSH

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