MA Club Sessions

Monthly MA club sessions are held for MAs to learn from invited speakers on a diverse range of topics, as well as to engage in cross-institutional learning about ea​​ch other's job rotations.

Engagement with Senior Management

MAs will be given opportunities
to engage Senior Management,
learn from their experiences and
connect with them in an
informal setting, such as
through coffee chats.

Professional Development

Coaching and Mentorship: Each
MA will be assigned a coach or a
mentor to guide them throughout
the duration of the programme.
Coaches and mentors provide an
alternative perspective for MAs to
nurture them in their professional
development journey.

Workshops: MAs are provided with
learning resources in the form of developmental workshops to strengthen their business and technical skill sets such as project management skills.

Developmental / Special Projects

In addition to individual
departmental work, MAs will embark
on a series of intra- and
cross-institutional projects where
they will be challenged to learn
beyond their departmental work and
become better leaders.