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COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund - Racing to get ahead of coronavirus
Currently, it is unsure if COVID-19 can spread by aerosol transmission or even via air-conditioner in a confined space. Further understanding of COVID-19 transmission is needed for good infection control practices and advice to the public. Scientists believe that environmental contamination was an important factor in the disease's transmission, but its extent is unclear.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) found that a patient with mild symptoms could cause "extensive environmental contamination" in an isolation room, on the bed rail, chair, window, floor, light switches, toilet bowl, sink, and air duct.

Currently, more information is needed to find out more:

•Is the infection airborne?

•What is the optimal number of air-exchanges in hospital rooms?

Your support is needed for research work that answers the questions above, and other initiatives to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

a.COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test - Assessment of available test kits in the market so that the kits can be deployed to GP clinics, polyclinics and emergency rooms widely.

b. Study on immune responses in patients with severe COVID-19 infection - Identify and treat patients who are at high risk of suffering severe complications and poor outcomes.

We need you to help us get ahead of the virus and win the race to reduce deaths.

For online donations, please click here to access our fundraising campaign.
For donations via other methods, please refer to the "How to donate" section.

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