The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leader in public healthcare in Singapore recognised for delivering high value patient care. Our clinical services are provided through an integrated system of primary care polyclinics, acute care tertiary hospitals, community hospitals, national specialty centres, and community-based ambulatory care centres. Together, we provide comprehensive, holistic, and innovative healthcare to address the needs of our patients and the population we serve. As a learning organisation, we are establishing ourselves as an academic health system to drive clinical excellence, raise research intensity and grow our academic partnerships to continually improve the way we deliver care to our patients.

As the Regional Health Manager for 1.5 million residents in Central and North Singapore, NHG collaborates with private general practices, public and community health and social care providers to keep residents well and healthy.


With more than 20,000 healthcare professionals in NHG, we are committed towards building healthier and resilient communities, and Adding Years of Healthy Life to the people we serve.