1           General
1.1          What is NHG Cares app?

NHG Cares app is a mobile app brought to you by National Healthcare Group (NHG) as a digital tool with various services like appointment booking, educational materials and clinical programmes to support you and your loved ones with a healthier lifestyle.

1.2          Do I need to login using Singpass to check out NHG Cares app? 

You may explore the app without logging in with Singpass. Please note that for first time users, you will be prompted to set up your brief profile before browing the app.

We recommend logging in with Singpass to unlock the full features of the app. You may enable biometric login for easy access to the content and features too.

1.3          Which features require login with Singpass?

You are required to login with Singpass when:

  • Accessing your health records
  • View and managing your appointments
  • Save the learning journey progress

1.4          I am facing issues on the app. How do I send feedback or report issues?

You may submit to http://for.sg/nhg-app-contact-us, via the app chatbot. Please do include screenshots/videos of the issue where possible.

1.5          I did not opt to set up my biometric login. How do I enable/disable my biometrics login?

To enable/disable your biometrics:

  1. On the Home page, tap the Gear icon on the top right corner
  2. Under Settings section, tap on “Biometrics"
  3. Tap on “On" or “Off" to change your Biometrics setting

1.6          How can I connect/disconnect to my Google Fit/HealthKit?

You will be promped to connect to Google Fit/ HealthKit upon creating your health goal to seamlessly sync your data.

You may also go to your settings by tapping on the gear icon in the app homepage and tap on “Health Stats" to manually connect/disconnect to Google Fit/HealthKit.

1.7          I am connected to Google Fit/HealthKit. Why am I unable to sync my health stats?

For the app to sync your health stats, please ensure that you have allowed access to all health data under the access setting when prompted by Google Fit/HealthKit. 

2           Services
2.1          What are the e-services available for each NHG Institution?

Self-Service Appt (Book, Reschedule and Cancel)Only Reschedule and Cancel ApptWill be available in future app enhancements
Mobile Registration and Check-InWill be available in future app enhancements
Medication Refill Request
Test Result
Medical CertComing soonComing soon
Bill and PaymentComing soon

 2.2          How do I book polyclinic appointment?

You will need to login via Singpass to book appointments. You may book :

  1. In Home, “My Upcoming Appointments" section, if you don't have any appointments yet, you can tap on the card that says “Make New Appointment" and you will be navigated to Book appointment page.
  2. In Appointments feature, you can tap on “Add New Appointment" button located at the bottom of the page.

    To book Specialist Outpatient Clinic, please contact the respective hospitals.

2.3          How do I reschedule or cancel an existing appointment on the app?

In the Appointment List page, look for the appointment you want to reschedule or cancel and tap on it.

In the Appointment Details page, “Reschedule" button will be displayed if rescheduling is allowed for the appointment you selected. Similarly, “Cancel" button will be displayed if cancellation is allowed for the appointment you selected.

To reschedule, tap on “Reschedule" button, select the new appointment slot you prefer and confirm the rescheduling of your appointment.

To Cancel, tap on “Cancel" button and confirm the cancellation of your appointment.

4          I am unable to book appointment in the app. What should I do?

If you are a new NHG patient, please register directly with the institution by submitting your appointment request form. Our staff will contact you as follow up.

If you are not a new NHG Institution patient, you may report to:

For emergency situations, please proceed to the nearest Accident & Emergency department for immediate assistance.

 2.5          I have an appointment at NHG Polyclinic, how do I register and view my e-itinerary?

You are only allowed to register half an hour before your scheduled appointment.

  1. Login to NHG Cares app via Singpass.
  2. Ensure that it half an hour before the appointment.
  3. On the Home or Appointment page, tap the “Register" button.
  4. Fill up the Pre-consult Questionnaire and select “Confirm" to submit.
  5. Upon successful submission, you will be automatically registered and redirected to view your e-itinerary. This includes information on your assigned consultation room and queue number.

    You may view your e-itinerary in the app by tapping on the “Check Queue" or “Appointment Queue No." button.

2.6          I am unable to e-register for my appointment. What do I do?

Please proceed to the clinic counter for assistance to register for your appointment.​

2.7          What is the difference between “Lab Test Result" under the “HealthHub Links" section and “Test Results and eMC" under the “Services" tab?

Test Results and eMC allows users to view lab test results, medical certificates and hospitalisation leave ordered by clinicians from NHG and NUHS institutions.

Lab Test Result allows users to view results from all public healthcare institution whose records are available on HealthHub.

If you are unable to find your test results, please check with your care provider.

3           Self-Care
3.1          What is the difference between “My Learning" and “Health Library"?

“My Learning" contains your curated lesson plan. You may receive the curated lesson plan by tapping on the “Find out how well your body is coping with ageing" banner and filling up the questionnaire.

“Health Library" is a repository of educational materials (articles, videos) which you can save for easy reference.

3.2          What is the difference between Health Tracking and Custom Goals?

Health Tracking goals provide the convenience of syncing your Google Fit/ HealthKit data into the app, such as Steps.

Custom goals allow you to set your own personal health goals with manual entry of free text.

3.3         How does the Health Screening Tool work?

You will be recommended a list of health screening using evident based algorithm after filling up the short questionnaire. ​