About Us

Our Vision
GPO’s vision is to be the leading Procurement team in the healthcare industry, to deliver the best value for our institutions and patients.

Our Mission
Our mission is about “Purchasing goods and services at the right quality, right price and right delivery through better supply chain management.” We are committed to provide cheaper, better, safer and faster services to the NHG Institutions and other healthcare partners.

We strive to generate positive outcomes with every of our purchases. We strongly believe in the benefits and values of working collaboratively with our suppliers as partners to arrive at the best solutions/processes that will benefit everyone.

Our Role
GPO works collaboratively with the rest of the NHG Institutions to identify key sourcing opportunities where centralized purchasing gives us better procurement options through demand aggregation, product standardisation and switching to cheaper alternatives without compromising clinical practices.

GPO also acts as the central contact point for suppliers to introduce their products, services and technologies that may benefit NHG and its institutions and help achieve the most cost effective solution as a result of new market and technological advances. Contracts are managed centrally and all suppliers are given equal opportunity to work with us.

GPO Core Value
Our core value is about being passionate and excellent in what we do. We like to create a high performance culture that encourages change, innovation and creativity.

We will live out our PASSION.