The Future of Medicine

Building the foundation for better healthcare tomorrow…

Healthcare costs are rising. Consumer expectations are evolving. Patient demographics are changing. The world is getting older, faster than the young can replace their numbers in the population.

Life expectancy in Singapore has increased rapidly to 80 years for males and 85 years for females. However, much of the last years of life are lived in ill-health. The main reason is the reactive nature of healthcare today. We offer treatment only when disease occurs, and when the quality of life is already affected. So building more hospitals to cater to a fast ageing population and ever-changing disease trends is NOT the answer.

A better approach is to predict and prevent the diseases from occurring, hence maintaining health and adding years of healthy life. There is an urgent need for us to relook at healthcare and care delivery - we need to invest in value-based care, to innovate our care models.

At National Healthcare Group (NHG), we study the multi-dimensional constructs of health. We look at addressing healthcare issues upstream, before problems hit the patient in later life stages.

Adding Years of Healthy Life through Research and Innovation
We strive to improve health and reduce illness through patient-centric quality healthcare that is accessible and seamless, comprehensive, appropriate and cost-effective; in an environment of continuous learning and relevant research.

NHG’s research work is unique:  Beyond the academic research, our NHG institutions focus on real issues on the ground. We study how we can identify and close the gaps of the current system for better patient care - not just through looking for better cures, but also to care for, to relieve pain, and to prevent illnesses.

Putting Patients First
NHG Research focuses on the needs of patients, and strives to improve patient care through challenging the status-quo so as to provide better, faster, cheaper and safer care to our patients.

Ensuring Safety and Well-being
Through the NHG Human Subject Protection Programme, we continue to ensure that highest quality and ethically sound research are conducted in our member institutions and participating institutions.

Collaboration and Partnership
Asia has an important role to play to offer scientific innovation and knowledge that are globally applicable. We believe in collaborating and partnering with various institutions and industries to develop the full spectrum of research and innovation targeting the Asian phenotype.

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