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What We Do & Who We Help

The Future of Medicine

Building the foundation for better healthcare tomorrow…

Healthcare costs are rising. Consumer expectations are evolving. Patient demographics are changing. The world is getting older, faster than the young can replace their numbers in the population. People are also living longer, but sadly with ill health in their final years. Building more hospitals to cater to a fast ageing population and ever-changing disease trends is NOT the answer.

There is an urgent need for us to relook at healthcare and care delivery - we need to invest in value-based care, to innovate our care models.

At NHG, we study the multi-dimensional constructs of health. We look at addressing healthcare issues upstream, before problems hit the patient in later life stages.

Adding Years of Healthy Life through Research and Innovation
NHG’s research work is unique:  Beyond the academic research, our NHG institutions focus on real issues on the ground. We study how we can identify and close the gaps of the current system for better patient care - not just through looking for better cures, but also to care for, to relieve pain, and to prevent illnesses.

Harnessing the collective strengths of each healthcare institution within NHG, our research and innovation centres on three broad areas:

Preventing Illness and Premature Deaths

To identify risk factors of major health conditions unique to the Asian population.

Living Well with Illness

To alleviate the misery of patients with chronic conditions.

Leaving Well

To enable patients in their final years to live well, with dignity and peace of mind.

What We Do

NHG Fund raises funds for medical research and innovation at NHG's institutions.

"Is NHG's medical research funded by the government?"
That's a question we often hear from friends and family.

Currently, there are gaps of existing grants and support schemes for research, education and patient care. In order to empower our clinicians and researchers to accelerate research, funding is needed.

As such, NHG Fund raises funds to support research and innovation that brings us closer to the next medical breakthrough.

Who We Help

People in need of quality healthcare are all around us. They are part of our community that includes our family and friends. We ourselves, feel unwell at times too.

Supporting medical research opens the doors to better healthcare for us all. In the long run, it paves a future of better quality lives for our children and the generations after them.

At NHG, we are dedicated to adding years of healthy life.
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