​Your Aspiration, Our Commitment

Each professional group​ and each AHP possess unique skills and expertise that can be harnessed to provide better care for our patients and residents. In NHG, we provide ample opportunities to support your allied health career aspirations in the public healthcare sector.​

MOHH Healthcare Scholarship

Healthcare Scholarships are centrally provided by MOH Holdings (MOHH) to nurture and groom leaders in the public healthcare sector. Undergraduate, post graduate, mid term and full term scholarships are available.

Candidates who wish to pursure their allied health careers in National Healthcare Group (NHG) can indicate their preference to MOHH during the application process.

For more information on Healthcare Scholarships, please visit: MOHH Healthcare Scholarships​
Be A NHG Allied Health Scholar

At NHG, we welcome Healthcare Scholars of any allied health discipline to join us as we forge towards a brighter and healthier future for our patients and residents. ​​NHG AH Scholar2.jpg

Find out more about our scholars and why they pursue an Allied Health career in NHG:
​​​Fiona Lim, Senior Physiotherapist (WH)
Fiona Lim2.jpg
Read Fiona's story at: Optimising Patient Recovery through Physiotherapy (Brightsparks)​

Timothy Gerard Lee, Senior Radiographer (TTSH)
Read Timothy's story at:​ The Pivotal Step to Patients' Recover (Brightsparks)

Brenda Soh, Senior Speech Therapist (WH)​
Brenda Soh.jpg
Read Brenda's story at: Speaking Up for Patients (Brightsparks)

Nur Ruzanna Maznin, Senior Radiographer (YH)​
Nur Ruzanna Maznin.jpg
Read Ruza​nna's story at: Image of Health (Scholars' Choice)
Mah Looi Han, Senior Occupational Therapist (YH)​
Mah Looi Han.jpg
Read Looi Han's story at: Sustaining the Human Connection (Scholars' Choice)
Ng Li Bing, Senior Prosthetist/Orthotist (TTSH)
Ng Li Bing.jpg
Read Li Bing's story at: Helping Others Go th​​e Distance (Scholars' Choice)


NHG Allied Health Sponsorship

Sponsorships are provided by NHG institutions to help you achieve your aspirations of working as an Allied Health Professional in public healthcare sector.​NHG sponsorship3.jpg

​ ​ To apply, you m​ust fulfil the following requirements:
  • Singapore Citizen / Singapore PR
  • Successfully gained admission to the Degree/Masters programme
  • Passion for public healthcare

​For enquires and further assistance on NHG Allied Health Sponsorships, please fill up the interest form​ and we will get in touch with you.

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