​Allied Health Career in NHG

NHG Allied Health Professionals work hand in hand with a diverse group of healthcare professionals to provide care for our patients and residents. (photo credits: Woodlands Health)

In NHG, we believe that the Allied Health workforce is agile, creative and dynamic, with a breadth of skills that can be applied to many exciting and varied career pathways. One of our key priorities is to recognise and harness the value of AHPs through the development and activation of our people.

NHG AHP Career Development Framework

​4 Core Pillars of Practice


In NHG, we encourage contributions across different aspects of practice and empower all our staff to plan a meaningful and holistic career that meets current and emerging needs. Your professional growth will be guided by the NHG AHP career development framework that spans the 4 Core Pillars of Practice. ​

​Your Allied Health Career Tracks in NHGNHG AH CDF2.jpg

​As an Allied Health Profesional (AHP) in NHG, you can look forward to two career tracks:

1) Clinical Track
In the clinical track, you will primarily be carrying out clinical duties, including research and education. While Clinical Practice & Improvement remains core to your career, you will have opportunities to explore and contribute to areas in Clinical Education and Clinical Research, with opportunities for further development as Clinician-Educator and Clinician-Researcher.

2) Clinical Management Track
In the clinical management track, you will have opportunities to hold leadership and/or administrative positions in the department, institution or cluster, such as Heads of Departments, Section In-Charge or Service Leads. You can retain your clinical practice as a clinician in this track.

At NHG, we enable lateral movement across the tracks and provide flexibility to develop your careers across different pillars and settings.
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​Your​ Learning and Development Journey in NHG

The NHG Allied Health Career Development Framework recognises the diverse nature of the allied health workforce and professions. You will be actively involved to plan your professional development and growth in close collaboration with your Supervisor and/or Head of Department.

Our profession specific learning and development roadmaps include tailored learning activities that support your professional development in NHG. As learning and development goals change at different stages of your career, we have supportive supervisors who engage you regularly to identify learning needs, set learning goals and select suitable learning activities.