National Healthcare Group Pharmacy (NHG Pharmacy), a business unit of National Healthcare Group (NHG), manages the pharmacy and retail pharmacies at our six polyclinics.

National Healthcare Group Pharmacy believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. We care enough to educate our customers, empower them to take charge of their health, to promote healing, improve well-being and quality of life. Established in 2001, our mission is to make a difference in the care of our customers, by supporting them to achieve the best results for their prescribed therapy and promote the safe and responsible use of medication.

Among the pharmaceutical care services available are Smoking Cessation Clinics, pharmacist-led Anti-Coagulation Clinics (ACC) and Hypertension-Diabetes-Lipidemia Clinic (HDL-C). The ACC and HDLC are clinics where pharmacists monitor and help patients to optimise their medication use in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Patients may also consult our pharmacists for treatment of their minor ailments or for travel or nutritional advice.

Patients with the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics can fill their prescription on HealthHub and request for medicine to be delivered to them, or collected from a designated polyclinic.

Our retail pharmacies, conveniently located in the heartland areas, offer an array of quality and affordable healthcare essentials, carefully evaluated and selected by our pharmacists and merchandise team. Customers may shop online or make use of our delivery service for a fuss-free shopping experience.
Apart from our presence in the NHG Polyclinics, NHG Pharmacy has been providing a comprehensive suite of medication management services to the Intermediate Long Term Care (ILTCs) facilities since November 2003.  ILTC facilities refers to facilities that provide a range of services to support the needs of people who are unable to care for themselves for long period of time due to chronic health conditions.

In May 2010, NHG Pharmacy introduced Singapore’s first Multi-dose Medication Management Service, Convidose™: Safer, Easier Medicines – for nursing home residents, patients and caregivers. With Convidose™, patients’ medicine dosages can be conveniently pre-packaged into individual sachets, according to the stipulated quantity and time the pills need to be consumed.

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