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Awards and Accolades

At NHG, our people go the extra mile in their service and contributions. Their dedication has won them recognition and commendation, both within the group and from the community.

Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation
JCI is dedicated to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare services around the globe. JCI's uniform, high standards for patient care and safety focus on access to care, assessment of patients, infection control, patient and family rights, and education. Standards also address facility management and safety, staff qualifications, quality improvement, organisation leadership, and management of information.

NHG was the first public healthcare group in Singapore to attain the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in November 2005. By 2008, all our institutions were JCI accredited. Our success is a result of the single-minded purpose of NHG to deliver quality patient care.

In 2011, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the Institute of Mental Health received their respective JCI re-accreditation, while National Health Care Polyclinics went through accreditation in early September 2012. National Skin Centre was re-accredited in November 2010.

Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) The Asian Hospital Management Awards recognises and honours hospitals in Asia that employ best practices in hospital management.

The Institute of Mental Health won the following awards at the AHMA 2011

  • Institute of Mental Health clinched the inaugural Grand Award for the Hospital of the Year.

  • Re-engineering Case Management Service to improve Inpatient and Outpatient Follow-up Care won the Most Outstanding Project in the Service Improvement for Internal Customers Project category

  • An Effective Primary Care Model of Stable Psychiatric Outpatients within the Community – the Mental Health - General Practitioner Partnership Programme won the Excellence Awards in the Operational Customer Service Project and the Marketing, PR or Promotional Project categories.

 These projects were selected from over 300 projects from 84 hospitals in 11 countries. 

National Medical Excellence Awards (NMEA) 2012

  • Associate Professor Lim Tock Han, who is NHG Assistant CEO (Education and Research), as well as Senior Consultant at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, was recognised for his pioneering role in developing the NHG residency programmes, which provides training for postgraduate doctors keen on specialising in various fields. The programmes, which launched in 2009, offered a systematic and more efficient approach to specialist training – allowing for better doctors to be trained, faster. Prof Lim and his team further collaborated with other healthcare clusters and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to collectively achieve success for residency programmes at the national level

  • Associate Professor Tai Hwei Yee, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at NHG and Senior Consultant at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine was recognised for championing better patient care in Singapore. Dr Tai has spearheaded several initiatives aimed at improving patient safety and clinical outcomes through more effective drug use or processes. At NHG, she developed audit processes to detect problems associated with high alert medications, and standardised care processes around the usage of such drugs. She also chairs the Safe Medication Practices workgroup in the National Medication Safety Taskforce and serves as senior consultant to the Standards and Quality Improvement Division at MOH.

National Day Awards

The National Day Awards (NDA) are a means of recognising various types of merit and service to the nation. At the annual ceremony, the National Day Awards investiture, Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans are honoured for their excellent contribution in the civil or military service, social and community work or for excellent performance in their fields.

In 2012, NHG staff were awarded 108 National Day Awards:

  • Five Commendation Medals

  • 11 Efficiency Medals

  • 92 Long Service Medals

Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Certification

A national certification scheme, the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) recognises our commendable performance against an internationally benchmarked model for managing a business in the areas of Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results.

  • The National Group Healthcare Pharmacy (NHGPh) received the Singapore Quality Class certification in September 2011.

People Developer (PD) Certification

People Developer (PD) is the certification for the business excellence niche standard for people. The niche standard provides organisations with a total approach to managing people and achieving high performance through its people systems.

  • The National Skin Centre obtained People Developer certification in March 2011.

  • The National Group Healthcare Pharmacy received the People Developer re-certification in September 2011.

Healthcare Humanity Awards (HHA)

The Healthcare Humanity Awards honours and recognises healthcare workers who are inspirational role models exemplifying the values of courage, extraordinary dedication, selflessness, steadfastness in ethics, compassion and humanity. These values underscore that healthcare is a noble profession. Through the Awards, the Courage Fund also hopes to raise the public profile of healthcare workers and enhance the prestige and respect for the profession.

The Healthcare Humanity Awards were launched in 2004 as an annual event to continue the legacy of the Courage Awards, which were given out in 2003 to recognise healthcare workers who fought the deadly SARS virus with uncommon valour and selfless dedication.

Here are our 2012 winners:

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Dr Tan Thai Lian
Head & Senior Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Clinical Director, Ren Ci Hospital

Dr Poi Choo Hwee
Associate Consultant

Ms Ang Ching Ching
Advanced Practice Nurse

Ms Maggie Lim
Senior Staff Nurse

Ms Nadiah Erniyanti Binte Maliki
Senior Staff Nurse

Ms Joey Yeo Jia Yang
Senior Staff Nurse

Ms Wang Na
Staff Nurse

Ms Koo Sie Liu
Staff Nurse

Ms Yang Juan
Staff Nurse

Mr Chionh Chai Kuei
Senior Therapy Assistant

Institute of Mental Health

Dr Joshua Kua Hai Kiat
Chief, Department of Geriatric Psychiatry

Ms Chin How Lin
Senior Nurse Manager

Ms Rajni d/o Parasurum
Senior Staff Nurse

Ms Hadijah Binti Abd Samad
Assistant Nurse

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Dr Rufus Daniel
Senior Family Doctor

Ms Nirmala Nair
Senior Nurse Manager

Ms Ng Ah Khim
Senior Health Attendant

National Skin Centre 

Dr Martin Chio Tze-wei
Consultant, Dermatologist

PS21 Awards

Public Service for the 21st Century (PS21) was launched in May 1995. PS21 is the service-wide exercise to ensure that the Public Service changes in step with developments in society and international arenas, and more importantly, to create conditions for Singapore to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

In 2012, NHG staff were awarded

  • One Distinguished Star Service Award

  • One Star Service Award

Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC)

SHBC 2012 was held on 28 and 29 September. This is the 11th year NHG is organising the congress, which is also the largest healthcare scientific meeting in Singapore. This year’s congress attracted over 2,200 healthcare professionals from Singapore, the Asia Pacific and Europe. This year’s conference theme was “Reshaping Healthcare: Deepening the Foundation for Quality and Safety, Igniting the Engine for Education and Innovation”. Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, was the Guest of Honour for SHBC 2012.

In conjunction with the main Congress, SHBC 2012 will also host two satellite conferences – the Primary Care Forum 2012 and NHG Quality Convention 2012.

NHG also launched our Institute of Geriatrics and Active Ageing, a one-stop service centre, bringing together different medical specialties caring for the elderly under one roof. Sited in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the institute leverages on the hospital's distinguished 24-year legacy in geriatric medicine.

To find out more, visit

National Healthcare Group (NHG) Awards

The annual NHG Awards first began in 2001 with the inaugural Lee Foundation-NHG-NUHS Lifetime Achievement Award. New categories for NHG Distinguished Contributor Award and NHG Outstanding Citizenship Award were added in 2005, with a third category for NHG Distinguished Achievement Award added in 2007. Collectively known as the NHG Awards, it recognises the brightest, most dedicated doctors and healthcare workers for their contributions.

Our people go that extra mile to make significant contributions to healthcare delivery.

  • Two Distinguished Achievement Awards

  • Six Outstanding Citizenship Awards

  • One Distinguished Contributor Award

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