How Our Research Transforms Lives

Predict and Prevent Diabetes Complications

1 in 9 aged between 18 to 69 has diabetes. It is a chronic disease and can lead to disabling complications including blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease and limb amputation, when not properly managed. In Singapore, there is an average of 4 amputations per day – one of the highest rates in the world.  Read about how our clinicians have developed an effective and non-invasive method to detect the risks of diabetes complications.   

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Saving Limbs, Saving Lives

Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) 

What happens when microorganisms in our bodies, such as viruses, are no longer threatened by drugs created to destroy them? Find out how our clinicians tackle this growing healthcare concern.

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Battling a Global Health Concern – AMR 

Ease Joint Pains

Knee, back and joint pains are familiar to many of us, not just to the elderly. The pain can be so severe that the sufferer can barely walk or sleep. We believe the way we walk could be an important factor, especially in Asia where wearing slippers or going barefooted is common. Read about our work to prevent the worsening of pain.

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Stopping the Worsening of Pain 

Stop Chronic Itch

People with severe eczema struggle daily – lost sleep, ugly scars, and mental health problems. With 1 in 10 people affected by this condition, the cases of eczema in Singapore is one of the highest worldwide.  The National Skin Centre is identifying sustainable cures to help those who are suffering everyday.


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Enabling Itch-free Lives

Overcome post-stroke through rehabilitation

In fast-paced Singapore, stroke is the leading cause of chronic severe disability and the fourth leading cause of death. Read the story of how a 30 year old stroke survivor regain independence and reintegrate back to society through rehabilitation.

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Rehabilitation Saved My Life - Overcoming Stroke at Age 30

Overcome Mental Disorders

Depression, dementia and anxiety. Patients with mental disorders fight a war we do not see. Because of the lack of awareness, misconceptions and stigma, mental wellness is an often neglected subject. Find out how our clinicians curb suicides and preserve hope to life by fostering happy, healthy minds.

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Giving Hope to Life


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