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Education Platforms for Diabetes Care Management

The school enables a structured approach in planning and designing of programmes that are suitable for the patients' needs and learning goals. While considering that all patients are unique in many aspects such as languages, cultural differences, learning abilities and styles, these programmes include different activities using various engaging and motivating ways of learning.



BOOST is an app-based learning programme suitable for patients who prefer learning through the use of technology that can be on-the-go and easily reached. It stands for "Bringing about Optimal Outcomes through Self-care and Technology.  The app will support patients in coping with and improving their health through healthier choices and activities. Some of the app functions include setting of health goals, learning journey, and questionnaire to better understand their overall well-being.

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Diabetes School e-Learning

The Diabetes School e-learning is suitable for patients who are on insulin therapy and their caregivers to learn about how to self-manage their conditions, its related issues and complications effectively. Patients will be able to access the interactive eLearn site to learn anytime and anywhere, track their learning progress and participate in quizzes. 

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GEM is a group-based diabetes self-care programme to equip patients and their family members with proper understanding of diabetes for long term care. It represents Group Education and eMpowerment. The programme emphasises on growing together as a community and is suitable for patients who have been newly or recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, or those who have had years of diabetes and wants to supported with diabetes education.

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PACt is a framework with holistic programmes that look after patients’ care needs. It represents Patient Activation through Conversations and is currently running for patients with diabetes at NHGP. It includes an app-supported health coaching (BOOST), group-based education (GEM) and one-on-one health coaching.​