A/Prof Michelle Jong
President and Executive Director, NHG College
(2023 to present)
Group Chief Education
(2021 to present)



As healthcare professionals work in our clinical roles, we are transforming healthcare by learning. The learning translate into doing, that doing translate into the better care for our community, and whilst we care for the community, we learn to do better.

Some key strategic thrusts in our next lap would need to include the development of scientific foundation for the learning ecosystem, measures to assess the impact of education interventions, and the effective dissemination of the education interventions. We will need to look at formalising education interventions so that the workforce is equipped for new roles in healthcare, as well as including patients and their support networks in the eduction journey too. So they become activated members in the health ecosystem. It is also critical that we optimise all processes with the appropriate use of technology, as well as the human relationships.

NHG College will be our vehicle in driving and supporting these developments, through bringing new areas of knowledge to our health professions educators and education leaders.



Prof Chee Yam Cheng
President, NHG College
(2015 to 2023) 


​Singapore’s healthcare landscape is changing. To meet the needs of our Singapore population, one that is aging rapidly, our healthcare delivery system needs to be transformed, to one which is integrated, effective and sustainable. It is therefore critical to equip our healthcare workforce with the capabilities and attributes to meet these demands and challenges. 

NHG College plays an important role by contributing to the creation of a learning eco-system for leadership development, faculty development for health professions education, and continuing professional development. It integrates and brings together the key building blocks for developing a world-class education and training system in NHG. 

In addition to tapping on the expertise of our internal faculty, NHG College also partners with globally-renowned institutions to bring quality learning opportunities to our healthcare professionals. The alumni of NHG College have continued to make a difference and impact healthcare through the work they do in their respective institutions. 

I wish you an enjoyable and fruitful learning journey with us.


Prof Low Cheng Hock
Advisor, NHG College
(2015 to present)


NHG College has come a long way in its journey in becoming a vibrant center for learning excellence. Since our inception in 2002, NHG College has been evolving its role as a cluster-level training institution to support NHG more effectively in its strategic goals for organizational development and workforce development. 

To achieve that, NHG College works closely with our various stakeholders and communities to analyze and identify learning and development needs of our workforce, design and develop learning interventions and programmes, as well as establish the strategies for implementation and workplace application. In addition, it coordinates and provides cluster-level training programmes and learning opportunities, which are inter-institutional and inter-professional, to our healthcare professionals. 

I believe NHG College is well positioned to nurture and bring the best out of our healthcare professionals to their maximum potential.​



 A/Prof Nicholas Chew
Group Chief Education
(2015 to 2021)




NHG Education seeks to improve the health of our patients and the community through the education of our present and future healthcare workforce, healthcare partners, patients and caregivers. 

Our goal is to develop inspiring professionals for tomorrow’s healthcare who are able to contribute optimally to healthcare of the future. They will not only be skilled in core professional knowledge, but are also equipped with cross-cutting knowledge and skills, future-oriented thinking, leadership capabilities, and guided by ethics and healthcare ethos. 

NHG College contributes to this mission and vision of ours in many ways. In addition to developing healthcare professionals directly, it supports the development of inspiring faculty for health professions education. Through its programmes, we seek to drive the proliferation and adoption of best practices in pedagogy, curriculum design, and facilitation of work-based learning & assessment for enhancing learning effectiveness. 

I am confident that we will build a more agile, adaptive and resilient NHG through our mission at NHG College, so that we will stay relevant and updated. 

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A/Prof Wong Teck Yee
Academic Director,​
NHG College
(2018 to present)


​​The core mission of developing our Professionals for Tomorrow’s Heal