National Healthcare Group Fund (formerly known as National Healthcare Group Endowment Fund) was established on 1st September 2016 (UEN: 201623926M). NHG Fund is the charity arm of National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd (NHG). It is a Charity with Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) status from 14 February 2021 for three years.

As part of NHG, NHG Fund shares the same vision of ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life’.  The vision goes beyond merely healing the sick to the more difficult and infinitely more rewarding task of preventing illness and preserving health and quality of life. NHG aims to provide care that is patient-centric, accessible, seamless, comprehensive, appropriate and cost-effective.  Hence it is important to equip our healthcare professionals with the best knowledge and skillsets so as to deliver the appropriate patient care and services to our patients.

The objectives of NHG Fund are to support the pursuit of medical research and the promotion, development and provision of health related services that benefit the Singapore Community, including the following:

  1. Furtherance of medical, nursing, paramedical and related education through training programmes, conferences, conventions, seminars and exhibitions;
  2. Publication of research findings, educational journals, reports, magazines, books and materials;
  3. Provision and improvement of equipment and facilities for research and development;
  4. Provision of funded healthcare to eligible patients who are in need of financial assistance;
  5. To support the setup and/or activities of patient and patient-related support groups;
  6. Development of human capital and infrastructure of medical institutions and organisations in the community; through collaborations or otherwise, to meet future healthcare and health related needs; and
  7. All other matters in furtherance of the above as approved by the Directors, with the understanding that activities are not done for commercial reasons or profit.
We thank all donors for your continued support and will continue to steward all current and new donations under NHG Fund to a better healthcare.
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