The NHG DM School was commissioned in January 2021 by the NHG DM Education Workgroup under the auspices of the NHG Diabetes and Metabolic Steering Committee (DMSC). This is a first-in-Cluster effort where the NHG hospitals and polyclinics collaborate to put the school together and harmonise educational material for patients. The school is built as a platform to collaborate and synergise efforts from NHG institutions as providers of 'Therapeutic Patient Education' that goes beyond imparting information to patients, that nudges positive behavioural change for diabetes management. This involves multimodal approach that is culturally appropriate, experiential learning and enhancing health care provider education. The school envisions that education through a well-structured framework will improve diabetes related outcomes for patients. 


Vision and Mission

To provide a reliable, culturally appropriate, evidence based site that is conveniently accessible for patients and care givers living with diabetes, and support them with informed decision making, enhance self-directed problem solving and promote active collaboration with their healthcare team.