In November 2020, NHG Chief Nurses, Heads of Nursing and Nurse leaders came together in a Nursing Retreat to set the strategic direction of NHG Nursing for the next 5-10 years, so as to inspire and elevate the nursing profession to greater heights. Supported by NHG Group Quality, and under the guidance of Professor Philip Choo (Group CEO), Professor Chua Hong Choon (Deputy Group CEO [Strategy & Transformation]), and Associate Professor Tai Hwei Yee (then Group Chief Quality Officer), the nursing leaders collectively drew up the NHG Nursing Strategic Map, with a strategic goal for NHG Nurses to be:

Trusted & Chosen to Provide Expert Advice, 

Decisions and Care

We drew much inspiration from the Nursing Profession in the United States (US), who had consistently been voted via its local Gallup Poll as the most trusted profession for an impressive 21-years running (2002 to 2022)!

To attain this strategic goal, the collective leadership at the Retreat decided on the pursuit of 4 strategic thrusts:

  1. Relationship-based care (in alignment with NHG’s River of Life philosophy and the shift in emphasis to population health)
  2. ​​Nurses beyond Nursing, Nursing beyond Nurses (a.k.a workforce transformation - to enable and empower nurses, support care workers, and patients to aptly meet the increasing healthcare demands)
  3. Digitally enabled workforce (leveraging innovation and technology to enable timely access to definitive care and decisions)
  4. Positive practice environment (in alignment with the 4th pillar of the Quadruple Aim – to support the co-building a conducive and encouraging environment for the nursing workforce to strive and thrive)​

The foundation of our Strategic Map affirms our commitment to hold ourselves to high professional standards in our pursuit of our Strategic Goal, and identify the following 4 attributes that underpin our professional practice model:

  1. ​​Nurses as Evidence-based Practitioners – we make use of relevant data and embrace good evidence to guide our continuous improvement efforts and decisions.
  2. Nurses as Innovators – we are continually curious about alternative ways to do our job better, and keep an open mind for feedback to help us improve. 
  3. Nurses as Stewards of Resources – we undertake the responsibility to deliver good care outcomes in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.
  4. Nurses as a family caring for families – we respect and collaborate with fellow colleagues as a cohesive family unit, so that we can provide better care for our patients and their families.

We hope that our nursing aspirations resonate with you. Read on to understand more on embarking on a journey with NHG in the nursing profession. If you have any queries and wish to find out more, please do not hesitate to reach out​ 
to us 😊.

Strategic Map.jpg​​ ​

Strategic Thrust (1)

Relationship-based Care

We will establish a therapeutic, trusting relationships with patients and their families that transcend their River of Life to ensure continuity of care​

1) Champion "One Care Plan" that advocates person-centred and strength-based care.

2) Address patient's care and coordination needs as his/her primary care manager and key point of contact, where possible.

3) Collaborate with care partners for a seamless handover of patient care across care settings

4) Develop and/or support programs and measures to enable ageing-in-place.

Strategic Thrust (2)

Nurses beyond Nursing, Nursing beyond Nurses

We will gain mastery of our own practice, and adopt transdisciplinary competencies to add value to the care of our patients and their families.

​1) Develop competency and career roadmaps for nurses and support care workers to support role redesign and practising at the top end of the licence.

2) Build transdisciplinary competencies to facilitate role integration and reduce fragmentation of care.

3) Activate and support patient/families to engage and participate actively in self-care/self-management.

Strategic Thrust (3)

Digitally-enabled Workforce 

We will harness and/or build relevant technology to enable timely decisions anytime, anywhere, and continually innovate the way we deliver care. ​

1) Expand the knowledge-base of both nurses and patients by making health-related information readily accessible.

2) Integrate AI and decision support algorithm into patient care to strengthen decision making.

3) Blend appropriate technology and human touch in nursing practice to enhance care efficiency and support person-centred care.

Strategic Thrust (4)

Positive Practice Environment ​

We will build a shared governance culture that is engaging, encouraging, embracing and empowering​.

​1) Foster nurses' shared values and beliefs and activate them to speak up for patient safety.

2) Invest in leadership development to strengthen the practice of collective leadership.

3) Equip nurses with the relevant tools and resources to improve their resilience and maintain wellbeing.

4) Enhance inter-professional communication and teamwork to improve patient safety.​