The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Unit was established in 2014 within the NHG Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Office under the purview of Group Corporate Development.
HTA is a multidisciplinary field of applied research which systematically evaluates the clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and broader impact (including social and ethical implications) of health technologies (medicines and medical devices). Rigorous HTAs provide decision-makers with evidence-based information to guide their decisions about the appropriate utilisation of health technologies and efficient allocation of resources.
The team conducts systematic literature reviews, meta-analyses, indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analyses to compare the efficacy and safety of medicines. The team also performs analyses on cost-effectiveness of high-cost medicines using various modeling techniques.
The team published Formulary Management – A Practical Guide in April 2014 – to optimise formulary management in healthcare institutions through incorporating the principles of HTA. Recommended best practices from international agencies are included in the book. For more information and to obtain a copy of the guide, you can write to us at NHG_P&