Aligned with NHG’s vision of "Adding years of healthy life" to the people of Singapore, the Health Services & Outcomes Research (HSOR) department was set up in 2005 to improve the quality of healthcare in NHG by providing the best available evidence for decision making and knowledge translation, building capacity and advancing knowledge in health services research. The multi-disciplinary team of 20 specialists and researchers from diverse backgrounds work closely with clinical heads and managers on the ground to formulate questions and translate evidence into decisions and practice.

Using a range of techniques ranging from surveys, risk adjustment and predictive modelling, data-mining, cost-analysis, simulation and programming, the team supports stakeholders in answering questions on micro-level issues (e.g. outcomes of a specific disease management programme) to more system-level issues (for example, continuity of care programmes in the community), and provide evidence-base that has a wider impact.

To build capacity in health services research, HSOR also conducts introductory workshops on topics such as survey research, health programme evaluation, research methods, operations research, health technology assessment, qualitative research, health economics, analytical and predictive methods, and risk adjustment.

The department continues to publish in local and international peer-reviewed journals, and present in local and international scientific meetings and conferences, to contribute and share new knowledge. The publications, conference presentations and awards, and research grants attest to the strength that is only possible with collaborations with partners from various NHG departments and institutions and with agencies outside of NHG.

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