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Stronger For Longer

Prioritising muscle health can empower your golden years, keeping you active and resilient.

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Timing Is Everything

Sticking strictly to your medication schedule isn't just good practice - it's vital to improve health outcomes for your condition.

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Don't Kid Yourself

Your kidneys may be functioning at only 10 per cent of their capacity, and you may not even know it. That is why prevention and early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is crucial. 

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Help Is A Strength

Connecting with others can imprrove mental well-being in young people.

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​Getting Straight About The Curve

Lifestyle adjustments and early intervention can help manage adult degenerative scoliosis to ensure that seniors continue to lead fulfilling lives.

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​Beyond The Hurt

​Chronic pain may never go away completely, but proper pain management can offer relief and improve quality of life.

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Brick By Brick

​The foundation of good mental health begins at home.

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​Playing A Bigger Role In Preventive Health

Embracing empathy for patients under their care is part and parcel of the training for doctors at the National Healthcare Group.

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​The Road to Rehab: Anytime, Anyw​here, Anyone

Technology-aided rehabilitation is offering patients better odds of recovery, empowering them to lead active and fulfiling lives.

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When Scars Run Deep

Recognising self-harming tendencies, showing empathy and offering help can prevent such behavior from turning suicidal.

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​The Power Of Speech Therapy

Not being able to speak, communicate effectively, or swallow without difficulty can severely impair your quality of life. The right treatment can make a huge difference.

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Optical Appeal

A novel non-invasive skin imaging tool is changing the way cancers are diagnosed at the National Skin Centre.

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