The Research Division of the Institute of Mental Health was established with an Institutional Block Grant (IBG) from the National Medical Research Council (NMRC). Since its inception in Year 2000, this division has grown exponentially and is now a core pillar of the Institute of Mental Health alongside clinical services and education. The division supports research at all levels, provides training and mentoring, and establishes collaboration with other centres and stakeholders.

In recent years, the Institute of Mental Health has focused on key research areas, chosen to leverage on the strengths of the institute and the unique characteristics of the Singapore population. It has seen a steady increase in the number of projects initiated, amount of competitive funding secured, number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, number of presentations in scientific meetings, and number of awards received.

Its mission is to carry out scientifically and clinically relevant research that will help the Institute of Mental Health understand the mechanisms underlying the various mental disorders and translating these findings into interventions. These interventions should either relieve the suffering of patients with mental illness, or help address the real-world challenges faced by persons living with mental illness, their families, providers, sponsors and policymakers in selecting, delivering, and financing optimal care.

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