​​​Professional Development and Career Tracks​

Realise your potential as a nurse with our comprehensive professional development resources and career tracks.​


At National Healthcare Group (NHG), we value every nurse as an integral part of our team. We are committed to supporting and developing each nurse’s potential to the fullest through a variety of professional development opportunities. Our nurses have access to training courses, conferences, leave schemes, scholarships and sponsorships, to support them in strengthening and upskilling themselves professionally in various areas of nursing specialities.

Additionally, our suite of management and leadership development programmes would equip nurses to assume leadership roles in NHG.

Career tracks

NHG Nursing caters to the different aspirations of nurses by offering six career tracks to develop and progress along specialised fields of excellence.

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The Education Track provides professional development and advancement opportunities for nurses who can inspire and equip nurses to learn and develop their capabilities continuously. Nurses who pursue this track are also instrumental in developing and implementing education and training programmes, via different modes, and in a timely manner to keep nurses updated with the latest evidence-based practices.

The Management Track provides opportunities for nurses to lead fellow nurses to achieve care outcomes systematically and effectively. Nurses who pursue this track would be entrusted with the professional and personal development of their team as well as creating constructive working environments for them to reach greater heights.

The Clinical Track provides opportunities for nurses who are passionate in providing direct care to patients and their families, as well as deepening their knowledge in specific discipline of nursing. With better experience and knowledge acquired over time, nurses who pursue this track will be a strong role model in leading their team to deliver holistic care to promote health and recovery.

The Research Track provides opportunities for nurses to build their foundation as a nurse scientist to advance nursing practice and improve patient outcomes. This is routinely done through discovering new knowledge, validating the professional practice of nursing, and/or ensuring that evidence is effectively translated to regular practice through a rigorous approach.

​The Informatics Track provides opportunities for nurses to bridge the nursing practice with digital data which has become an integral part of today’s healthcare. Nurses who pursue the Informatics track work at the intersection of nursing science, computer science, information management and analytical sciences to improve patient outcomes and safety. Capitalising on their foundation of clinical knowledge, they identify areas of improvement in clinical workflows and create new approaches to achieve care outcomes

The Innovation Track provides opportunities for nurses to leverage established methodologies in care redesign, adoption of appropriate technology and role redesign to fundamentally improve the workflow. Nurses who pursue the Innovation track can look forward to co-developing and testing of innovative solutions in simulated and real environments to address longstanding challenges in clinical practice and work productivity.

Moving between tracks

There will be flexibility for lateral movements across the different tracks, where available. Nurses can choose to move across the different career tracks at different milestones of their career, as long as they meet the requirements of the specific role.

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