A day of a Registered Nurse:

As a registered nurse at NHG, you will be responsible for providing high-quality patient care, collaborating with other healthcare family group, and advocating for the well-being of your patient. 
“Nursing is not just a job, it’s a calling. It’s about caring for people at their most vulnerable and working together make a difference.”


This 2014 video production, featuring nurses at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), encapsulates the values and commitment of nurses as shown by their unwavering call-to-duty, unbridled passion, and solemn responsibility. These qualities still shine through from all our nurses today despite. Let us take inspiration from this timeless video and continue to honour the noble profession of nursing with our own heartfelt dedication.


This video takes a peek into the life of an IMH nurse who is committed to care. A nurse is a skilled caregiver who is trained to provide a wide range of healthcare services. Among the various specialisations, psychiatric nursing stands out as a unique and fulfilling career path. Psychiatric nurses are equipped with specialised knowledge and training that enable them to work with individuals who have mental health conditions.​


Watch this space as we gear up to release more videos over time to highlight our experiences! We are thrilled to share our passion for nursing with you and give you a taste of our vibrant workplace culture. At NHG, we take pride in creating a positive work environment where our team find fulfilment in work.

Join​ the NHG team and discover the joy of nursing in NHG as we offer a range of specialties to choose from as well as ample opportunities for career growth.

So stay tuned for what’s next and explore the possibilities of a fulfilling career with us!