As Singapore's largest regional trauma services, CRTS serves as a major trauma resource centre, shaping the depth and breadth of integrated trauma care training.

Local and overseas healthcare professionals are invited to experience a one-stop training programmes by our experienced trauma care professionals. We offer practical, convenient, and clinically relevant programmes for trauma care teams, emergency medical service professionals, clinicians, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals to suit various learning needs and styles.

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1. Management of Elderly Major Trauma Patients

19 May 2022, Thursday, 6.00 - 7.30pm (SGT/GMT+8)         

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​Past Events

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Controversies in Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
3 December 2021

Acute traumatic spinal cord injury is a heterogeneous problem. Some patients may suffer from fracture and spinal instability, while some may not have any fracture or instability concern but suffer from ongoing cord compression due to degenerative pathologies. Other factors such as age,
comorbidities, and severity of spinal cord injury also influence patient’s overall outcome.

The nature of the pathology, as well as the lack of consensus in the techniques and clinical protocols of the spinal cord injury management have lead to many challenges. The roles of steroids, early surgical
intervention leading to better functional recovery, amongst many others, are still subject to debate.

In this interactive talk, we hope to share current evidence, provide updates and insights on directions ahead.

Chairperson: Cl Asst Prof Jai Prashanth Rao (NNI), Opening Address:    Adj Asst Prof Teo Li-Tserng (CRTS, TTSH), Speakers: Adj Assoc Prof Jacob Oh (TTSH), Dr ling Ji Min (NNI), Moderator: Dr Eugene Yang (KTPH)

Management of Thoracic Trauma: Surgeon's Perspectives
Management of Thoracic Trauma: Trauma Surgeon's Perspectives
7 October 2021

The management of thoracic trauma involves more than tackling the anatomical injuries. Such injuries may involve organ systems outside of the thoracic cavity. Trauma surgeons not only need the skill sets to manage injuries to thoracic region, but also must possess the knowledge, understanding and strategies in managing the challenging implications of such injuries. 

We shared insights, key considerations, and experience in managing such injuries as a trauma surgeon. Our perspectives and strategies in managing such complexities, beyond anatomical injuries to the thoracic cavity, will help us gain confidence in managing our patients.

Chairperson: Adj Asst Prof Teo Li-Tserng (TTSH), Speaker: Dr Tarek Razek (Canada), Moderator:   Dr Tay Kon Voi (WH).

2020-10-08, Mitigating Coagulopathy in Trauma_page-0001.jpg
​ Mitigating Coagulopathy in Trauma
 8 October 2020

 Our Trauma Team experts discussed the updates on coagulopathy mitigation in trauma including the early management approaches in a multi-system trauma and the management strategies in trauma coagulopathy.

Chairperson: Dr Goh Mui Heng (TTSH), Speakers: Dr Jensen Ng (TTSH), Prof Karim Brohi (UK), Moderator: Dr Chew Yin Tze (TTSH).

Paediatric Major Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury_page-0001.jpg
Resuscitative Thoracotomy: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Disaster
1 October 2020

Our experts reviewed the latest updates and challenges in the management of resuscitative thoracotomy which include its indications and guidelines, how it can be performed, and common pitfalls.

Chairperson: Dr Jerry Goo (KTPH), Speakers: Adj Asst Prof Teo Li-Tserng (TTSH), Soo Ing Xiang (NHCS), Dr Narain Chotirosniramit (Thailand), Moderator: Dr Lee Jingwen (TTSH).

2020-09-26, Management of Complex Pelvic Fracture_A Multi-system Trauma Approach_page-0001.jpg
Management of Complex Pelvic Fracture: A Multi-system Trauma Approach
26 September 2020

Our Trauma Team provided the latest information on various aspects of the injuries associated with complex pelvic fractures including the stabilisation of a complex pelvic fracture in multi-system trauma, as well as the management strategy of complex pelvic fractures in resource challenged areas.

Chairperson: Dr Teo Li-Tserng (TTSH), Speakers: Dr Ivan Chua (TTSH), Dr Tay Wee Ming (TTSH),  Dr Maria Benita Gatmaitan (Philippines), Moderator: Dr Sunder S/O Balasubramaniam (TTSH).

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