The NHG Quality Day 2022 was held on 15 September 2022, Thursday at Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) as a hybrid event. This year's theme 'Keeping You in the Centre of Transformation', communicates the importance of people - patients and staff alike - as we embark on this journey of transformation. View the event poster here.

Click on the links below to find out more about the shortlisted QIA projects for 2022:

Improving and Sustaining Quality & Safety

  1. Reducing Average Length of Stay for Knee Arthroplasty Patients
  2. Sustainability Phase: Inhaled Corticosteroids for All Asthma During COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Occupational Therapy LIFE Programme for Stroke Patients (Sustainability Phase)
  4. Sustainability Phase: Improving Percentage of Transfer of Care from Geriatric Memory Clinic to Primary Care Dementia Clinic
  5. Sustainability Phase: Improving Post-Operative Mobilization Rates in Patients undergoing Elective Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery
  6. Sustainability Phase: Increase Rate of Decant for Eligible Patients requiring Admission from TTSH Emergency Department to Alexandra Hospital
  7. Sustainability Phase: PCV13 Vaccination for Elderly Patients aged ≥65 years on Follow Up with TTSH Integrative Family Physician Clinic
  8. Safety Without Restraints in SICU (Sustainability Phase)
  9. Self Care for Nurses at Work (Sustainability Phase)
  10. Sustainability Phase: Fall Prevention in Rehab Wards at Ang Mo Kio
  11. NCID ICU Retrieval Process for Intubated Patients (Sustainability Phase)
  12. Improving Daily Out of Bed Activities for Spinal Cord Injured Patients at Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Center (Sustainability Phase)
  13. Reduce Incidence of Delirium in Elderly Hip Fracture Patients (Sustainability Phase)
  14. To Improve Medication Safety in Pharmacy's Unit Dose Packaging (UDP)
  15. To Increase the Uptake of Influenza Vaccination in Hougang Polyclinic
  16. Early Review of General Medicine Patients in Emergency Department of KTPH
  17. Reducing waste by reorganizing instrument sets for dental treatment in NHGP
  18. Team-based management of patients with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes in Toa Payoh Polyclinic

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Service Redesign and Delivery

  1. Laboratory Self-Service Electronic Collection Module (ECM)

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Developing a Flexible and Sustainable Workforce

  1. Early Post-Operative Nutrition Optimisation for Elective Colorectal Surgical Patients

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Building Strong Partnerships in Improvement Work

  1. Right-Siting of Care to Community Partners
  2. Collaborative Partnership in Improving Operational Efficiency of Medication Delivery Services for Dermatology Outpatients
  3. Optimization of Nutrition for Surgical Head and Neck Cancer Patients
  4. DaVinci Team

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Innovation in Healthcare

  1. Incontinence Associated Dermatitis Bundle Development and Implementation
  2. Diabetic Foot in Primary and Tertiary (DEFINITE) Care
  3. Project InCRedible: Increase Enrolment in Cardiac Rehabilitation Package in Eligible Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients

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Junior Medical Doctors

  1. Improving First Visit Attendance for Patients Referred from Medical Oncology Clinic to Palliative Medicine Clinic
  2. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Screening in Gout Patients
  3. Increasing The Uptake of Influenza Vaccination In the Elderly
  4. Increasing the referral rate to a Weight Management Clinic in Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic
  5. Increasing Referral Rate to Smoking Cessation Clinic among Asthma and COPD patients

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