The NHG Quality Day 2021 was held on 10 September 2021 on Friday over ZOOM. The theme was on 'Co-creating with Kindness', with an emphasis on compassionate care and what we can do to help make it happen. 

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Improving and Sustaining Quality & Safety

  1. (Best) Reduction in Non-Evidence-Based Proton-Pump Inhibitors Prescription on Discharge (Sustainability Phase)
  2. (Best) Sustainability-Phase Prevention of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis
  3. (Best) Sustainability-Phase Transforming Hindrances to Opportunities and Resources (THOR)
  4. (Merit) Acute Surgical Care Model Improves Outcomes Holistically for Acute Cholecystitis
  5. (Merit) Improve First Case On-Time Start At Radiology Angio Suite (Sustainability Phase)
  6. (Merit) Improving Spirometry Quality at the Respiratory Function Laboratory (Sustainability Phase)
  7. (Merit) Reducing Sedating Antihistamine Prescriptions for Elderly Patients with Acute URTIs
  8. (Merit) Sit out of Bed in a Surgical Unit of an Acute Care Hospital (Sustainability Phase)
  9. (Merit) To Improve Glycaemic Monitoring in Prediabetic Patients

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Service Redesign and Delivery

  1. (Best) Improving Post-Operative Mobilization Rates in Patients undergoing Elective Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery
  2. (Best) Reduction in Average Length of Stay after Uni-Compartmental Knee Arthroplasty
  3. (Merit) External Staff Attachment Redesign
  4. (Merit) Increasing partialno counselling dispensing rates in Bukit Batok Pharmacy
  5. (Merit) To reduce patient recall by 95percent at Geylang Laboratory
  6. (Merit) Transforming Patient Experiences-Facilitating Smart Healthcare
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Developing a Flexible and Sustainable Workforce

  1. (Best) Improving Out of Bed Daily Activities for Spinal Cord Injured Patients at Ang Mo Kio Rehab
  2. (Best) NCID ICU Retrieval Process for Intubated Patients
  3. (Best) Reduce Incidence of Delirium in Elderly Hip Fracture Patients
  4. (Merit) Fall Prevention in Rehab Wards
  5. (Merit) Improving Access of Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis to our Rheumatology Clinic
  6. (Merit) Increase Rate of 11am Discharge in Ward 13B
  7. (Merit) Occupational Therapy LIFE Programme for Stroke Patients
  8. (Merit) Safety Without Restraints in SICU
  9. (Merit) To improve the percentage of MAC patients proceed for scheduled VIR procedures within 60 minutes
  10. (Merit) To increase the monthly percentage of elderly patients aged 65 years and above on follow up with TTSH Integrative

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Building Strong Partnerships in Improvement Work

  1. (Best) Increase rate of decant for eligible patients requiring admission from TTSH ED to Alexandra Hospital
  2. (Merit) Improving Percentage of Transfer of Care from Geriatric Memory Clinic to Primary Care Dementia Clinic
  3. (Merit) Inhaled Corticosteroids (ICS) for All Asthma (IFAA)

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Innovation in Healthcare

  1. (Best) Improving the efficiency and accuracy of medication delivery services at NHG Pharmacy
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  2. (Merit) Implementing Trial-off-catheter (TOC) Protocol at Yishun Community Hospital
  3. (Merit) Increase Utilisation of Dual Energy CT for Patients with Urinary Stones

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Junior Medical Doctors

  1. Improving Asthma Control Test Capture Rate in Yishun Polyclinic Teamlet E
  2. Improving Quality of Surveillance OGDs in Patients with Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia
  3. Increasing the Provision Rate of Written Asthma Action Plan

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