​Leveraging on our NHG Strengths:

To advance medical treatment and transform healthcare.

This honeycomb highlights the 7 key research focus areas of NHG that are closely aligned with our clinical strengths. These are neither in any particular order nor exhaustive.

What We Do
NHG Fund raises funds for medical research and innovation at NHG's institutions.

"Is NHG's medical research funded by the government?"
That's a question we often hear from friends and family.

Currently, there are gaps of existing grants and support schemes for research, education and patient care. In order to empower our clinicians and researchers to accelerate research, funding is needed.

As such, NHG Fund raises funds to support research and innovation that brings us closer to the next medical breakthrough.

Who We Help
People in need of quality healthcare are all around us. They are part of our community that includes our family and friends. We ourselves, feel unwell at times too.

Supporting medical research opens the doors to better healthcare for us all. In the long run, it paves a future of better quality lives for our children and the generations after them.

At NHG, we are dedicated to adding years of healthy life.
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