On 11 March 2016, about 170 Senior Management Members, staff and community partners of NHG gathered to learn about the "Art of Collaboration in Relationship-Based Healthcare".


Held at the Enabling Village in Redhill, the session was opened by Adj. A/Prof Chua Hong Choon, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer (Clinical), NHG and Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Mental Health, sharing on the critical role of collaborating with our community partners in the relationship-based Regional Health System we are striving to build.


The session continued with our keynote speaker, Prof Hum Sin Hoon, Deputy Dean of the NUS Business School, who presented his research on and key lessons learnt from the Art of Collaboration displayed by Zheng He in his grand voyages; as well as the "Four Cs" strategy to building collaboration - Capacity Building, Coordination, Communication and Continuity.


Two guest speakers, Ms Peh Kim Choo, Chief (Programmes) at Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing of the Tsao Foundation and Mrs Jenny Bong, Group Executive Director of the Methodist Welfare Services, furthered attendees' learning by sharing from the community partners' contexts on why collaboration is key to their organisations and in the provision of quality care to their clients. The session ended with an interactive panel discussion between the attendees and the speakers.


Organised by NHG College and Group Talent Management, the NHG Leadership Moments also provided a platform for our colleagues and senior management members to network as we learn together.