On 9 November, past and present SEAL and IPLP participants, together with their reporting officers and senior management members gathered for the NHG Leadership Learning Festival. The theme for this year's learning festival was Learning Together, Leading with Kindness, which showcased presentations and sharing of IPLP and SEAL participants on leadership and culture building at NHG. A seed pencil was given to each guest as a gift to symbolise a growing and learning community.


Organised by NHG College, the learning festival had a keynote session on Kindness in Leadership and at Workplace by Dr William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement. The session focused on raising awareness on thoughtfulness and generosity at work and with the community.


Guests were also invited two presentations. One features the Inter-Professional Leadership Programme (IPLP) presentations, which highlighted their learning journey and application of what they had learnt at the workplace, and another features the fruits of the culture building efforts of two Excellent Performing Units (EPUs), namely DSC Clinic and NHGP Contact Centre. The latter were presented by Inspiring SEAL Programme (ISP) participants.


The event ended on a high note with the graduation ceremony of the ISP and IPLP participants. The Curriculum Development Team (CDT) of IPLP was also commended for their efforts in the successful inaugural run of IPLP.

Our heartiest congratulations to all ISP, IPLP participants and the IPLP Curriculum Development Team on the achievements and hard work in their leadership learning journey!