NHG Quality Webinar 2021

On 23 Apr 2021, our panelists discussed their experiences in putting the concept of person-centered care into action and influencing its direction in national health policymaking, preventive health, care of vulnerable adults and home care.

  • Dr Kok Mun Foong discussed the new normal in terms of quality and patient safety, emphasising how a cultural shift will be required at the national level. Highlighting the importance of person-centered care, she also shared that there is mounting evidence that person-centered care can improve a patient's experience, the treatment quality, and overall health outcomes.

  • Prof Clive Tan spoke about preventive health and collaboration outside of healthcare settings. He emphasised the need of enabling people to make responsible, educated, and healthy choices. As caregivers, we must shift our attention from "What's wrong with you?" to "What matters to you?"

  • Ms Lim Hwee Er discussed how the person-centered care approach may be used to assist vulnerable population groups and stressed the importance of implementing care that is both respectful and dignified in community care settings. She provided two success examples to demonstrate how we may use a person-centered care approach for patients who need more individually individualised and specialised care.

  • Ms Gillian Tee discussed how technology may aid in the delivery of patient-centered care. She shared how providers can employ technologies and disruptive services to deliver care.

NHG Quality Webinar 2021