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NHG Research Committee

The National Healthcare Group (NHG) Research Committee is appointed to formulate research strategies and implementation of programmes to achieve NHG research goals, in line with NHG’s vision of ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life’ and national research agenda. 

The Committee comprises of the Chairman, Institution Directors of Research, key research leads from NHG, the NHG Lead/Chairman of Research Ethics Committee, Chairman of the Research Data Oversight Committee, Chairman of the Tissue Compliance Committee and members from NTU/LKCMedicine. Other members who have demonstrated leadership and experience in research may be appointed. 

The Committee will meet bimonthly or six times annually with the NHG Research and Development Office (RDO) providing secretariat support.

The Chairman and its members shall be responsible:
  1. To chair/attend the NHG Research Committee meetings.
  2. To formulate NHG research strategies, with advice from the NHG Board, Senior Management and Joint Implementation & Strategic Committee (JSIC), where applicable, in order to achieve NHG’s vision of ‘Adding Years of Healthy Life’.
  3. To provide recommendations on fund-raising, manpower and infrastructure needs to NHG Board, Senior Management and JSIC, where applicable.
  4. To oversee the implementation of programmes in line with NHG research strategies, in order to achieve NHG research goals.
  5. To review and approve NHG research programmes/projects for onward approvals by Senior Management and/or NHG Board. 
  6. To formulate, approve and implement appropriate standards, policies and procedure to supervise, review and monitor the conduct of all human biomedical research activities and tissue bank activities in NHG and its member institutions. 
  7. To ensure all human biomedical research and tissue bank activities conducted by NHG and its member institutions are in accordance with all relevant regulations that governing biomedical research including Human Biomedical Research Act 2015 (HBRA).
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