Whistle Blowing

NHG has embarked on whistle blowing initiatives since 1 February 2012. Suppliers and Contractors are required to report any Procurement or Contractual irregularities or inappropriate practices which may relate to:

(i) Fraud;
(ii) Misappropriation of monies;
(iii) Wilful destruction of NHG assets;
(iv) Instigations to engage in acts of subversion;
(v) Conduct which is an offence or breach of law; and
(vi) Unethical/ improper practices or non-compliances to regulatory requirements or
NHG policies
(vii) Others

Protection of Identity of Whistle Blowers

The whistle blowing hotline is managed by an independent 3rd party provider. Suppliers and Contractors are encouraged to provide his/ her identity which will be kept highly confidential.

Reporting of a case/ incident

Suppliers and Contractors can utilize any of the three modes to report relevant case/ incident.


​When the Suppliers and Contractors whistle-blow, he/ she should provide the following details:

• Details of the alleged misconduct/ improper/ negligent activity occurred
• Information of the staff(s) who are involved
• Time and date of the activity
• Location of the activity
• Evidence of the activity
• Other relevant details​