Business Code of Conduct

NHG’s requirements from our suppliers include the following:

(a) Anti-corruption
Suppliers will conduct their businesses without engaging in corrupt practices, including public or private bribery or kickbacks. Suppliers will maintain integrity, transparency and accuracy in corporate record keeping. Suppliers must not offer bribes, kickbacks or improper payments of any kind to NHG employee for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or gaining an improper advantage. Gifts in cash or in kind are not encouraged at all times.

(b) Employment and Legal Compliance
NHG expects our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws. This includes, but not limited to, Ministry of Health, Health Science Authority, Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency and related laws pertaining to the employment, health and safety and environment. NHG will not deal with suppliers who do not comply with the required laws.

We also expect our suppliers to incorporate relevant best-practice standards of employment, health, safety and environment management in the workplace.

(c) Sustainability
In NHG, we take sustainable development into account in our daily activities. We are looking to do business with suppliers who share our concerns and commitment to sustainable business practices. Suppliers are encouraged to embrace Enterprise Risk Management and Green efforts in joint projects with NHG.

(d) Obligations in using Subcontractors
Suppliers must ensure that all subcontractors and any other third parties whom they use comply with the principles described in this Code of Conduct.

(e) Order Request
Suppliers should act only on a Purchase Order (PO) from NHG. When in doubt, suppliers should seek clarification from GPO (Group Purchasing Office) or Materials Management Department (MMD) on orders that deviate from such practice. Orders delivered without a PO or without written approval from GPO/ MMD will not be recognized for payment. This does not apply in cases of exigencies / emergencies such as a pandemic or crisis.

(f) Confidentiality
Suppliers have the duty to take the necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of any information acquired in their business relationship with NHG.

Suppliers are strictly prohibited from making any video and/or audio recording during any discussions or site show rounds, without obtaining NHG’s consents.

Suppliers must not disclose the following and other confidential to other parties without NHG’s written consent:

• Cost or Pricing Information
• Patients’ data and information
• Employees’ information
• NHG’s information and operating systems
• NHG’s organization design or plans

Suppliers who are in breach of the above may be subject to being debarred or blacklisted by NHG.