Clinical Needs Mining

​One of the biggest problems in innovation is accurately identifying needs. Can existing products on the market satisfy the need, and if not, why? Does the Needs Statement concisely articulate the purpose of the project? CMTi can help and guide clinician innovators to refine their Needs Statements for more clarity.


​There are several sources of grants including both intramural and extramural ones, but not all may be suitable for innovation-based projects. Whether it’s applying for a big medical grant, internal funding or even collaborator-centric agreements, CMTi will guide you through to ensure the highest probability of success.

Acedemic and Industry Partners

​Any good project requires some amount of external support. Whether it’s a collaborator that works alongside the clinician innovator or a vendor who provides key components, CMTi facilitates partner and by working out the best arrangement for all parties.

Clinical Validation

​Prototyping cannot be done in a vacuum. In order to test out whether the beta product works, both preclinical animal trials and clinical trials will need to be carried out. CMTi can connect you to the right places to get the appropriate trials done, and assist you in getting your DSRB approvals in time as much as possible.

Test Bedding

​Once your product has passed the clinical trials phase, you’ll need to see if it is a good fit for the clinical environment. CMTi is able to recommend where is best to put your product to the test (i.e. in a particular NHG institution) with focus groups of patients and medical personnel to for clinical test-bedding

Systematic Process

​The process of clinical innovation from conceptualization to commercialization can be complex and daunting to some. That is why you can rely on CMTi to help you in your innovation journey – from finding you a suitable partner to exploring suitable funders and eventually to commericialising your products!