​One of the biggest problems in innovation is accurately identifying needs. CMTi can help and guide clinician innovators to refine their Needs Statements for more clarity.

CMTi has a wide network of local and international partners; and facilitates partnerships by working out the best arrangements for all parties.

CMTi keeps a look out for both intramural and extramural grants; guiding clinicians and collaborators through to increase the success rates of grant applications.

Ideation and product development are left mainly to the inventors; but CMTi can facilitate to smoothen the process of co-development between clinicians and collaborators.

Validation, Trials and Test-bedding are crucial to medical device development, and may differ starkly from one product to another. CMTi can help to lay out the project-specific processes and provide guidance on ethics approvals for the trials. 

CMTi works alongside our partners and supports them in every step of their commercialisation pathway and the various adoption plans of NHG institutions.