The inaugural Healthcare Supplier Awards 2014 is organised by the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and supported by National University Hospital (NUH) and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH).

The Awards aim to encourage more strategic win-win initiatives and/or innovations between the Suppliers and the participating hospitals/institutions, leading to enhanced patient care and patient safety, an overall improvement in productivity and environmental sustainability.

Healthcare Supplier Awards 2014 Submissions had officially ended on 5th September 2014. We like to thank all the Participating Organisations for their Poster Submissions.
2014 Results of Healthcare Supplier Awards

Operational Excellence Award

This Award recognises Suppliers who demonstrate and deliver excellence in the area of performance consistency, quality and customer satisfaction in NHG and/or NUH and/or KTPH.

Rank Company Project Title
1st TalariaX Logo Improved Clinical Services Automated by SMS Technology
2nd NEC Logo Network Setup For The New NUH Medical Center
3rd Freshening Industries Logo Hospicare 701
Merit 3M Logo Increasing Sterilization Load Turnaround Time
Merit ATT Infosoft Logo Revolutionizing Patients‘ Queuing Experience for TTSH and NUHMC

Innovation Award

This Award recognises Suppliers who creatively introduce a new approach, product, service or technology in NHG and/or NUH and/or KTPH in the area of processes, service performances and/or product quality improvement.

Rank Company Project Title
1st Abacus Logo Innovative Robotic solutions to improve Patients' care and productivity
2nd CADI Logo TTSH SmartSense MDI
3rd Omni Health Logo National Healthcare Group Multi-Dose Medication Management
Merit IDS Medical Systems Logo IDSMED & NUH Project
Merit ISS Logo eHousekeeper's Intelligent Management System (eHIMS)

Environmental Sustainability Award

This Award recognises Suppliers who develop and/or introduce initiatives in NHG and/or NUH and/or KTPH to minimise the negative impact on the environment through the reduction of carbon emissions, waste minimization, energy conservation, recycling etc.

Rank Company Project Title
1st DP Dateproducts Logo Environmental Sustainability
2nd DTZ Logo Energy Management Performance Report for KTPH, NUH and TTSH
3rd Surbana Logo Performance Enhancement Lighting Management System for IMH

Samples of Awards Winning Posters

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Video: Speech by NHG GCFO

Media ​Coverage

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The Straits Times - 29 Oct 2014(HSA - Abacus Global)
The Straits Times - 29 Oct 2014(HSA - Cadi Scientific)

Photos of Award Ceremony


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Healthcare Supplier Awards is organised by NHG and supported by NUH and KTPH.