The National Healthcare Group (NHG) - Group Purchasing Office (GPO) was established in October 2002. GPO’s motto is Generating Positive Outcomes for the organisation. The key objective is to ensure that our participating Hospitals and Institutions enjoy sustainable, best value products and services, through strategic sourcing.

GPO covers a wide range of medical, non-medical products, equipment and services. With patient safety being the key thrust of NHG’s success, GPO has worked collaboratively with strategic and reputable vendors and partners to mitigate procurement and operation risks. We also create a collaborative environment with hospitals, in continual learning and best practice sharing.

GPO is not only procuring for NHG Institutions. We also support the other healthcare clusters and agencies including National University Health System (NUHS), Jurong Health Services (JHS), Alexandra Health Pte Ltd (AHPL) and Integrated Health Information System (iHIS) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

If you like to know more about us and our services that do check out our GPO website or contact our GPO team for more details.

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