HOMER, which stands for Health Outcomes and Medical Education Research, is a unit within the Education Development Office of the National Healthcare Group. HOMER was formed to provide the evidence to inform, guide, and shape health professions education activities in the NHG cluster.

The NHG-HOMER Grant is a short-term grant designed to encourage clinicians, nurses, allied-health professionals, and education researchers to embark on health professions education (HPE) research. It funds projects that answer research questions in key areas in health professions education that will increase NHG educators’ knowledge of the theory and practice of HPE. By HPE, we refer to the spectrum of educational activities that prepare healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, and allied-health professionals for practice and continuous professional development.

The long-term goal of the NHG-HOMER Grant is the development of practical knowledge and theory in HPE. This contributes toward better education and training for the healthcare practitioners, as well as the future generation of practitioners, so they can better serve, care and heal.

The NHG-HOMER funds research in three areas of inquiry:

  • Inter-professional Education and Collaborative Practices (IPECP)
  • Work-based Learning
  • Faculty Development

For more information on eligibility criteria for the NHG-HOMER grant, please click here. To find our more about about HOMER, please email nhg-homer@nhg.com.sg.