When COVID-19 outbreaks were detected among the migrant worker population in Singapore, Woodlands Health (WH) rose up to the national call to set up the first-of-its-kind Community Care Facility (CCF) at the Singapore EXPO. With WH at the helm, expertise and capabilities were harnessed and synergised across NHG, supported by public and private partners.


When COVID-19 infected the migrant worker population, WH redirected its focus, manpower, and resources to contribute to the national COVID-19 response. The CCF@EXPO was set up in record time, and the medical teams helped manage thousands of cases with mild symptoms. At its peak, the CCF@EXPO housed more than 8,000 patients, easing the load of hospitals across Singapore.


To improve communication with the migrant workers treated at the CCF@EXPO, WH Allied Health, Nursing, Operations, and Corporate Communications worked together to translate basic key information into Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi. Health booklets, videos, and posters which contained useful medical terms and other relevant information were also produced.

Apart from recording their vital signs at self-monitoring stations, patients were also taught to perform a six-minute walk test, which served to alert nurses when medical assistance was required. It also surfaced chronic conditions which patients had, to facilitate nurses in educating them on managing their health.

Additionally, the nursing and allied health teams collectively organised activities that kept patients engaged throughout their recovery. These included mass exercise sessions, art competitions, and festive celebrations.


The Staff Resilience and Organisational Growth (STRONG) Taskforce was formed to promote collective resilience in individuals and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Toolkits were developed to help staff manage burnout, promote adaptive coping, and access support resources.


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the construction of WH, which will open progressively from 2023. The WH team remained focused on preparing for the opening of the Campus, by refining critical clinical and operational processes, and applying the learnings from the pandemic outbreak.

WH actively engaged the Woodlands and regional community; and participated in job fairs to attract Singaporeans who aspire to build a career in the healthcare industry. At the close of FY2020, there were more than 1,700 staff members in the WH Family.

“The year that was defined by the coronavirus pandemic presented us with an opportunity to witness how the WH Family could rise to the challenge when called upon by the nation. From setting up the first Community Care Facility (CCF) at D’Resort, the Singapore EXPO, to our pre-operations wards and various nested locations, everyone worked professionally and tirelessly to ensure the wellness of patients and the community. The work we did embraced our values of People-Centredness, Integrity, Compassion, and Stewardship (PICS). This spirit has enabled WH to continuously adapt to the evolving public health landscape and to reach out to our community.” Dr Jason Cheah, Deputy Group CEO (Accountable Care), NHG & CEO, Woodlands Health