When we are given a mission in NHG, everyone steps up. This COVID-19 crisis has shown we have good leadership at every level.


NHG is committed to fostering and improving the overall health outcomes of over two million residents in Central Singapore. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NHG leveraged on technology and used innovative approaches to ensure residents received integrated care.


NHG has a strong tradition in educating future generations of healthcare providers. Beyond enhancing data literacy in our highly motivated digital-native workforce, we have set our sights further to develop them into thought-leaders in digital health, mobility-enabled productivity, and self-learning. Patient-care efficacy and empowerment are championed through relationships enabled by technology. We seek to curate and implement sustainable and connected capabilities, build digital portals, relationship management systems and analytics platforms, to Add Years of Healthy Life to our population.


Research is an integral part of NHG’s River of Life strategy as there is a strong push to translate R&D to better patient outcomes, better healthcare, and a healthier population. As such, NHG Group Research works towards three global outcomes: i) To raise research intensity ii) To build international peaks of excellence iii) To provide real-world evidence to transform population health.


Education is the cornerstone of NHG’s multi-faceted strategy to cultivate a sustainable healthcare system. Designed as a holistic enabler, it is committed to build a strong pipeline of resilient, future-ready, and versatile workforce capable of operating cross-functionally in various care settings to serve our patients with quality care.

Health Services & Outcomes Research

In 2020, Health Services and Outcomes Research (HSOR) directed its efforts towards supporting decision-making and generating evidence-based data for cluster and national COVID-19 initiatives, while continuing to evaluate clinical and population health programmes. During the pandemic, HSOR helped curate daily dashboard information, study disease dynamics and projection, and plan for capacity assurance and operational execution.

Group Quality & Clinical Governance

NHG’s Group Quality and Clinical Governance (GQCG) develops, implements, and evaluates corporate strategies and plans to achieve quality and patient safety, and manages clinical risk across the Group and in the Regional Health System. While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted standard operating processes, it also presented opportunities for process redesign. This in turn enabled GQCG to provide leadership and guidance to staff, the community, and the healthcare fraternity in matters of safety, risk, improvement, and innovation.

Group Nursing

NHG Group Nursing was established in October 2020 and is led by NHG Group Chief Nurse (GCN), Associate Professor Yong Keng Kwang. As nursing is the core of healthcare, Group Nursing aims to elevate the profession by facilitating best practices and attaining excellence in patient care across NHG Institutions by focusing on three key areas: (i) Talent Management and Manpower Optimisation, (ii) Nursing in Population Health, and (iii) Nursing Standards and Policies. Group Nursing also serves as the administrative arm of the NHG Nursing Council, NHG Nursing Strategic Map, and NHG Community Nursing.


NHG Pharmacy strives to make a difference in the care of our patients by advocating safe and responsible use of medicine and helping patients achieve the best health outcomes for their prescribed therapy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our pharmacists continued to support and enable patients and caregivers to manage their health and medications safely at home.


NHG Diagnostics played a key role in Singapore’s battle against COVID-19. It added three units to the nation’s Mobile X-ray fleet, extending X-ray services to Community Care Facilities (CCFs) across the island. In April 2020, NHGD’s Mobile X-ray trailer (MX1) was deployed to the CCF@Expo to provide timely X-ray diagnosis of patients with acute respiratory symptoms.


Group Corporate Development (GCD) provides planning support for NHG and is the key liaison office with the Ministry of Health (MOH) on corporate governance and work plans. GCD also helms NHG’s Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Management, and Data Protection Office.