The Community Health Screening Initiative is to provide residents in the Central Region of Singapore with health screening for cardiovascular diseases namely diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders. It aims to allow for early intervention so as to prevent onset of serious health complications and disability such as limb amputation, kidney failure, stroke and blindness.  

Tests included: 

- Body Mass Index (BMI) 

- High Blood Pressure (BP)

- High Blood Cholesterol

- Diabetes 


To ensure accurate testing, it is mandatory that all participants are fasted prior to the event. Participants must not consume any food or drink for 8 to 10 hours before the blood taking; small quantity of plain water is allowed.  


Community Health Screening Location and Schedule 

  • Community Health Screening website is undergoing maintainence. Please check back again at a later date.




Participants must fulfil the following criteria to register for the Community Health Screening:
  1. Singaporean or Permanent Resident
  2. Age 40 years and above
  3. Do not have any existing chronic contition(s) or not being follow-up for chronic condition 
  4. Have not done any cardiovascular screening in the past 1 year
Residents who fulfil the above criteria can proceed directly to the Community Club/Centre based on your location and preferred date as shown in the schedule above.