Community Health Centre (CHC) is part of the central
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  System (RHS)’s initiative to provide clinical support services for chronic disease care.  The objective is to complement and support the services offered by General Practitioners (GPs) who play an important role in the Regional Health System.


NHG Mobile Community Health Centre

The mobile CHC aims to bring accessible, quality and affordable healthcare services directly to the community. With our services scheduled at the neighbourhoods, patients would be able to conveniently access diabetic screening services nearer to their homes.


Our Services  

Diabetic Retinal Photography

Through this special photography, early signs of damage to the retina (back of the eye) from diabetes can be picked up to prevent further damage which can lead to blindness. With this regular screening, complications to the eyes can be reduced.

Diabetic Foot Screening

With regular screening, problems in the feet that can result from diabetes can be picked up early. This will help prevent complications, which can lead to amputations. 

Nurse Counselling

Our nurse will provide personalised education on treatments, lifestyle changes and self-care management skills for patients with diabetes, hypertension and/or hyperlipidaemia.


Our Locations and Schedules  

Our bus is designated to park in different Community Clubs (CCs) and HDB carparks in the towns of Central RHS, offering accessibility and convenience for GPs and patients.



Operating Hours  

The operating hours of the CHC are:

     Monday - Friday
     9am - 5pm
Closed on weekends & public holidays


Referral to NHG Mobile CHC

Please note that CHC only accepts referrals from doctors/clinics.
For patients who are keen to have screening services at our CHC, please ask your family doctor for a referral letter.

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Contact Us 

For more enquiries, please contact us via:


CHC Hotline: 9088 5562