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Giving at NHGF

Your GIFT is important to us!

The funds raised by NHG Fund will be used to address and bridge the gaps of existing grants and support schemes for research, education and patient care.  It aims to empower the healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers to accelerate research by providing core funding support that is not dependent on external research grants so as to encourage innovation and pilot research projects to test new ideas.  The fund also aims to nurture future generations of healthcare professionals through continuing medical education and extend support to patients who are determined to be in need of assistance to help them with their recovery journey.


How to Donate?

If you wish to donate via cheque, please fill in the Donation Form and send the form and cheque to us.

If you wish to donate via Giro, please fill in the Donation Form and Giro Form and send both forms to us.

Click HERE to download the Donation Form.
Click HERE to download the Giro Form.



National Healthcare Group Fund
3 Fusionopolis Link
#03-08 Nexus@one-north
Singapore 138543

You may also donate via the online donation platform -
Click HERE to make a donation to NHGF via 

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