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Success Stories and Partners


Success Stories

Suu Balm

Suu Balm is a rapid itch-relieving, moisturising cream developed at the National Skin Centre (NSC) and commercialised in collaboration with Good Pharma Dermatology Pte Ltd (GPD). Targeted at people with eczema, and other dry, itchy skin conditions, the cream helps to relieve itch within minutes and repairs the skin barrier, as well as being  specifically formulated for Singapore climate conditions. Launched in 2015, Suu Balm is now available in seven countries across Asia and Europe. Following the success of the first product, NSC and GPD  also collaborated to develop  a new formulation for children called Suu Balm Kids,  which was launched in April 2018.. The team is currently working  on a number of other products to address the unmet needs of dermatology patients with non-prescription solutions.

Robotic System for Percutaneous Renal Access in Kidney Stone Surgery

Jointly developed by Tan Tock Seng Hospital and NDR Medical Technology Pte Ltd, this smart, robotic-guided system aims to help surgeons improve the speed and accuracy  of  needle alignment to the targeted lesion by providing a robotic means of guiding and stabilising the alignment of the needle with automated real-time correction to reach the target. Studies of the system have been completed successfully in both live and postmortem animal models, and successful insertion was performed in a first-in-man study with no serious complications observed. Clinical trials  are estimated to start in July 2018.

In-Patient Footwear

Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Nursing Department and KPR Singapore Pte Ltd embarked on this project to design footwear safe for patients to wear, including on wet surfaces. After developing a few iterations, the final prototype was tested by 17 healthy TTSH nurse volunteers  who also provided feedback  regarding the usability, comfort and aesthetics of the slippers. The team is targeting to test the slippers on patients next, and  hopes to utilise them  in the in-patient wards after commercialisation of the product.

Using Technology & Innovation to Transform Prosthetics & Orthotics Services

Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Foot Care and Limb Design Centre (FLC) and Forefront Additive Manufacturing Pte Ltd are working on new technology to transform Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O) services. Due to the increasing patient demand in Singapore, the team sought to improve productivity and make P&O processes leaner, as well as  cutting down the lead time to develop value-added P&O products to reduce the economic burden to the patients, their families and society. Trials on patients have since been completed and the  3D-printed customised Ankle Foot Orthosis is now available to patients. With its creative design, , the team foresees that the adoption of the product will take off at an encouraging rate.

Dissolvable Micro-needle Patch for Keloid Management

Current keloid therapeutic options are poor, involving the use of injections and generally result in high risk of recurrences. The National Skin Centre and Micropoint Technologies Pte Ltd collaborated to co-develop steroid-laden dissolving micro-needles, which  allow for a painless yet effective treatment for keloids. The team has demonstrated the product’s safety and preliminary efficacy through completed Phase 1 and 2 trials, and has  filed a joint IP application. Licensing of the joint IP is currently in discussion.

RegnaTales - Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Jointly developed by the Institute of Mental Health and Immersive Play Pte Ltd, RegnaTales is a series of mobile game applications to help children and youths equip themselves with skills on anger management, problem-solving and social communication  through the use of interactive and gamification elements. Using role-play, players are encouraged to learn identification of emotions and feelings, perspective taking, coping skills, empathy, pro-social skills and problem-solving in  fun and engaging environments. Regna Tales was officially launched in May 2013.



H-Man is a low cost, end-effector type planar robot designed for motor function training under limited supervision. It is based on a pulley-cable driven mechanism to provide assistance to users on a planar workspace using a set of motors. A tool for future self-practice,  it can serve a large number of impaired patients with motor incoordination and motor power problems, including stroke survivors. H-Man waslicensed to Articare in December 2017.


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