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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management

Health Promotion

At NHG, we focus not only on healing our patients but also helping them stay healthy at various stages of their health. For the well, we aim to keep them healthy; for those with illnesses, we aim to help them cope better with their conditions and prevent their illness from worsening.

At NHG Health Promotion, we integrate health promotion and education for disease prevention and management. Policies and programmes that encourage healthy living are put into place; education materials are created to increase awareness and knowledge about the common diseases; workshops are conducted to impart self-management skills to our patients. We also conduct training for our own healthcare professionals to help them communicate better and motivate their patients to adopt healthy behavioural changes.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management is a multi-disciplinary, continuum-based approach to healthcare delivery that proactively identifies populations with, or at risk of, established chronic medical conditions. It aims to support the physician-patient relationship and plan of care, focusing on preventing worsening of diseases and utilising evidence-based practice guidelines. It also integrates patient empowerment strategies such as self-management in the course of delivering care.

The Disease Management Unit was established in August 2000 to develop, drive and coordinate the implementation of chronic disease management programmes. With continuous efforts in improving overall patient health, every programme undergoes clinical, humanistic, and economic evaluation.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about common chronic diseases and how you can manage them, you may visit our chronic disease management website by clicking here.

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